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Cannabis Taxes & Financial Information in Nevada

While 2020 was a challenging year, the cannabis industry demonstrated its ability to remain an important source of tax revenue for Nevada, while maintaining well-paying jobs for more than 8,000 Nevadans. This report highlights industry developments in 2020, including response to COVID-19, charitable contributions, and workforce development.


Reports and Resources

2020 Advertising Compliance Cheat Sheet

An outline of general advertising regulations as well as information about best practices, audience segmentation, location, and more.

2019 Charitable Contributions Report

Nevada’s cannabis industry proudly supports numerous charitable organizations. This report details charitable contributions up to 2018.

2018 Marijuana Economic & fiscal benefit analysis

Prepared by RCG Economics in October 2018, this report details the direct and indirect benefits of the cannabis industry on Nevada’s economy.

2018 Marijuana Taxes & Policy in Nevada Guide

This report reviews tax details of the time, a snapshot of the industry in 2018, the cannabis job market, and more.

2018 Local Tax Statistics

This informational sheet reviews sales and use taxes as well as licensing fees in 2018.