Nevada Dispensary Association Thanks Governor Sandoval for His Comments on the Opioid Crisis

June 28, 2016
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Nevada Dispensary Association Thanks Governor Sandoval for His Comments on the Opioid Crisis

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA—The Nevada Dispensary Association applauds Governor Sandoval’s recent comments on Nevada’s opioid crisis, which shine a necessary light on what Sandoval calls “one of the deadliest epidemics” in the United States. Joined by a panel made up of mental health professionals, substance abuse experts, law enforcement, prosecutors, lawmakers and judges, Sandoval recently highlighted the need to find solutions to combat our growing opioid crisis.

“I think many people are in denial that there is a problem, and in the meantime our friends and family are dying and suffering when they don’t have to,” the governor noted during the panel, pointing out that the panel’s aim was in seeking “answers, not excuses.”

The answers may be more readily available than ever, according to a new University of Michigan Study. The study found that “patients using medical marijuana to control chronic pain reported a 64 percent reduction in their use of more traditional prescription pain medications known as opioids.”

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, “at least one Nevadan dies every day from an opiate overdose” and “[f]rom 2010 to 2014, hospital inpatient admissions related to opioids jumped to 3,783 from 2,993.”

With medical marijuana available to patients in need more readily than ever, the Nevada Dispensary Association is proud to provide aid to this necessary industry in its quest to combat the dire consequences of the opioid crisis.


Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Nevada Dispensary Association is dedicated to developing and promoting best practices among Nevada medical marijuana dispensaries as well as supporting the efforts of dispensary owners to provide high quality, safe medical marijuana to Nevada’s patients.
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