Nevada Dispensary Association to Meet with Denver Marijuana Industry Leaders

June 20, 2016
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Nevada Dispensary Association to Meet with Denver Marijuana Industry Leaders

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA—The Nevada Dispensary Association (NDA), along with prominent Nevada figures, is set to meet with Denver marijuana industry leaders to discuss significant issues facing the marijuana industry in Nevada. The groups will meet in Denver in talks to span June 23-24.

Nevada elected officials, including Senator Farley, Assemblyman Armstrong, Assemblyman Araujo and regulators, will meet with Denver elected officials, regulators and industry leaders to discuss marijuana industry do’s and don’t’s, the tax structure of medical versus adult use, economic impact, public health and safety costs and best practices as well as DUI laws.

Riana Durrett, Esq., the Executive Director of the NDA, organized the trip to ensure that Nevada lays as much groundwork as possible to prepare for the changes Nevada may face as the the marijuana industry grows and develops. “Not only do we need to consider the fact that Nevada will be competing with our surrounding states if Question 2 passes, but we also need to brace for the many public health and economic realities if it passes,” stated Durrett.

Durrett expressed that organizing the trip made her realize that if Nevada’s elected officials, regulators and leaders are not proactive about shaping Nevada’s marijuana laws and the marijuana landscape, the state will lose out on huge opportunities. Durrett also said that the group will look at Colorado’s approach to ensuring that taxes raised from marijuana sales are spent effectively on public education, drug awareness and prevention as well as research.   

The Nevada delegation is meeting with Representative Singer, Senator Steadman, the Director of the Colorado Division of Revenue; the Director of Data and Evaluation from the Colorado Department of Behavioral Health; Professor Miles Light; industry advocate Mike Elliot; the Governor’s Marijuana Program Coordinator Andrew Freedman, Esq.; educator Molly Lotz; representatives from the City of Denver; and others.


Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Nevada Dispensary Association is dedicated to developing and promoting best practices among Nevada medical marijuana dispensaries.
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