April 20, 2016

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA—The Nevada Marijuana Council formed at the end of the 2015 Legislative Session when State Senators Patricia Farley and Tick Segerblom gathered representatives from every facet of the medical marijuana industry to discuss the industry’s most pressing issues to be addressed in 2017. The participants included patients, laboratories, medical marijuana establishment owners and the presidents of various medical marijuana associations. The council identified top priorities, which include patient access to medicine and reduction of the black market sales of marijuana, among others.

“The Nevada Marijuana Council successfully compiled an outline of Nevada’s top priorities relating to medical marijuana patients and the marijuana industry,” Council Co-Chairs State Senators Patricia Farley and Tick Segerblom announced today. “These priorities will be the subject of proposed legislation for the 2017 session.”

With the successful identification of medical marijuana’s pressing issues and clear path towards addressing them in 2017, the Senators announced that the Council has finished its work.

“Now that the Nevada Marijuana Council has completed its mission to identify the industry’s top legislative priorities for 2017, the Council’s work has concluded,” the Senators added.

Although the Council’s purpose has been realized, its non-legislative members are set to form a new coalition to pursue the resolution of further issues at the state and local level in the coming months and years. Senator Segerblom and Senator Farley thank the volunteers who committed their time, most significantly that of attorneys Riana Durrett and Amanda Connor.