With a recently announced partnership that could revolutionize the medical cannabis industry in Nevada, cannabis brand O.penVAPE and TGIG, a Nevada medical cannabis enterprise with a production and cultivation facility, have begun producing and distributing O.penVAPE’s best-selling CO2 extracted cannabis oils.

What’s the big deal about cannabis oils? Well, vaporizing cannabis oils removes the combustion element of smoking cannabis. Combustion has been linked to lung cancer and other respiratory disorders. TGIG CEO Demetri Kouretas points to finding new methods for safely ingesting cannabis as one of the main reasons for the company’s partnership with O.penVAPE:

 “Employing the science and technology that O.penVAPE has perfected, we are manufacturing superior cannabis oil for customers who have been requesting a way to ingest cannabis in safer measured doses,” Kouretas says. “We researched partnerships with other manufacturers and selected O.penVAPE because we share with O.penVAPE’s leaders similar views about access to medical cannabis. We simply got along well.”

Vaporizing cannabis oils is just one way to use the oils and safety concerns regarding standard combustion are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to exploring medical cannabis oil use. From quality of smoke to the effects of the medicine, vaporizing cannabis oil is quickly becoming the superior method for taking medical cannabis. See below for a full comparison of smoking versus vaporizing cannabis, courtesy of Marijuana.com:

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