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The NDA’s comprehensive online courses cover significant areas of interest for agents and managers in Nevada.

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dispensary Agent Training | $75

Trainees will learn about the background of medical marijuana legalization in Nevada as well as its federal status; proper use of security measures and controls; how to respond to an emergency, should one arise; methods for consumption as well as consumer education on consumption; public access and agent access to as well as storage of medical marijuana; and more.

Packaging & Labeling | $75

Packaging and labeling are important to protect consumer safety and ensure that all product is tracked correctly. In this course, trainees will learn about labeling at cultivation, production and retail; packaging design and materials; deficiencies; maintenance; and more.

Security Management | $75

In Security Management training, you’ll learn the State requirements to protect product, money, personnel, and customers in order to ensure the security of everyone and the marijuana establishment. The training also covers procedures to mitigate areas of security weakness and recommendations on handling emergency situations.

Entry, Access & Agent Cards | $75

Trainees will learn the rules around entering a marijuana establishment, accessing certain areas of the establishment, and the rules relating to registration agent cards.  Preventing entry by persons under 21 years of age is a critical responsibility for every establishment. Once persons have entered an establishment, there are important rules about which areas they can access. Finally, this course covers who is required to obtain a registration agent card, how to obtain that card, and how to renew or replace that card.